Concrete Curing Blankets, Ground Thaw, Barrel and Engine Warmers

The innovative PowerBlanket® is an extremely durable concrete curing blanket, barrel warmer and weatherproof covering that can be used for a variety of home and construction applications. From large outdoor concrete projects to small snowmelt, pet heat and indoor heating needs, electrically heated PowerBlankets can be easily linked together to meet your specific space requirements. 

Concrete curing blanket.
PowerBlankets are ideal for large construction jobs as well as small home improvement projects.

Convenient, safe and simple to use, the versatile curing blanket is ideal for construction professionals and "do-it-yourself" enthusiasts. The PowerBlanket can be driven on, pulled over rebar, dragged through mud and water, buried, and then rolled up until it is needed again.

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The lightweight PowerBlanket marks a revolutionary advance in the concrete construction and precast industry. Capable of enhancing productivity and minimizing construction costs, the concrete curing PowerBlanket is built to withstand the rigorous demands of outdoor construction while providing energy-efficient heat and protection for materials, equipment and work environments. The electric curing blanket and barrel heater is an ideal concrete curing solution that can also be hung to cure walls and columns, as well as fulfill a variety of home application uses.

The PowerBlanket engine warmer.              The PowerBlanket engine warmer.

Concrete curing - PowerBlankets accelerate cement curing time, especially in cold weather conditions. Cost efficient - Capable of heating large areas with two-thirds less electricity than conventional methods.
Portable snow and ice melt/prevention, material and equipment protection. PowerBlankets can be easily hooked together to meet the demands of large construction projects.
Ground thaw and heating source for work areas. Durable, lightweight and weatherproof.
Protect temperature sensitive materials and equipment. Safe and very easy to use
Engine and battery warmer. Made from rugged, non-flammable material.
Animal stall or room heater. 120-volt AC; grounded.