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Protect Your Farm Animals with a Heated PowerBlanket

December 31, 2019 23:12 PM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Heat, Sweet Heat for Home on the Range

The industrial strength and durability of a heated outdoor PowerBlanket make it an ideal choice for keeping farm animals warm during the winter months and cool of summer nights. The versatile PowerBlanket is an outdoor heating blanket used for many construction projects year round, particularly concrete curing. It is also used as a heating mat for pets; small barking ones or large mooing ones. The 2x2 heating mat was designed to withstand varying weights, contortions, and uses, and can even be driven on without damage. The heating mat is also designed for use in wet conditions, so outdoor use is never a concern. The PowerBlanket can be plugged into each other, using up to 20 heating blankets at one time for any size desired.

Keeping farm animals, especially injured ones, warm and comfortable during the cold is crucial to their well-being and oftentimes their survival. Sheep for example have excellent built in wool coats, until they are shorn and left less protected. If one wooly member of the flock falls ill or becomes injured, a heating mat designed especially for pets could be just what the doctor orders. PowerBlankets are strong enough to be stomped on and laid on so animals can do their worst and the heating blanket will continue providing warmth.

The only necessity to consider when using a heating mat for pets is the 120-outlet required to run them. The PowerBlanket will keep heat generating in conditions down to -40 degrees. Your farm and animals dwelling home on your range will appreciate the protection and comfort you provide when using a heating mat designed especially for them.

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